Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time flys and so do I!

The 3rd day of Paige's visit flew by !
It will soon be time for her and Phil to go home!
That's OK with me, because the next time we see her, it will be because she is having her baby! Yahoo!
She went to breakfast with some high school friends - whew are we grateful for such good friends!
They understand each other and support each other through difficult times.
2 of the friends husbands are in medical school and one friends husband is already a lawyer.
They know what it is like to be dirt poor and alone a lot while the hubby is studying!
This day involved a lot of shopping for baby Nelsen and lots of eating for the Mamma!
Cute lamp and table from T J Max for the nursery.
(we spent hours in that store)
We also took the table and lamp to Babies R us, to see if it looked good with the chair she has bought!
also, onesies from Carters and visits to Target and Pier 1!
Memorial weekend is great for Sales!

Fabric from Heritage fabric to make a quilt!

We ate lunch at Good Wood Barbecue - one of the best places ever!
But after so much shopping, the girls had worked up an appetite and they
had a hot dog, and not just any hot dog - a Bahamma mamma!
from Maverick!

So as fast as the time was going - so was I - driving!
I was chatting away with Paige, in a hurry to get to Erin's house, and I
Dang, Dang, Dang! I was clocked at 14 over!
The lady officer asked for my license, registration and proof of insurance, then went back to the patrol car!
She was gone a long time - Paige said for sure your getting a ticket, she is has to be writing a ticket!
She came back with a WARNING and . . .

Two Chick-fil-A coupons for free sandwiches!
We both were wearing our seat belts.
This a promotion by the State of Utah to buckle up!
Our lucky day!
I wouldn't recommend speeding, but I would wear your seat belt!
We did end the night by playing groups & runs!


Erin said...

Um ya, pretty sure I LOVE that picture of me and that hotdog...classic :)

It was fun while Paige was here! Lots of shopping, eating, visting and eating again!

I can't wait to see that blanket when it is done. Don't forget to make me one :)

Don't speed...oh wait, mabye do so we can get some more chick-fila! Mmmm....lunch this week?!

Paige said...

Love the pics with the hotdogs! Wish I would've known we were pulling funny faces. ha erin looks cute! What a fun time being home. Makes me want to move back RIGHT NOW! Someday...

Thanks for clearing your schedule and hanging out with me the entire time. :) It was lots of fun! I've never had more fun getting pulled over in my life. only with you.