Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A service project to give a child hope, one quilt at a time.

WOW! Thanks to everyone who wants to participate in Hope Squared! I want to do the Happy Dance!

Nov. 18th for donations
Dec. 1st for completed quilts

IF YOU ARE COMPLETING A QUILT - Here are more details, or should I say suggestions.

We have decided to narrow it down to crib size quilts! This is a good size for a child and makes the measuring easy.

This size quilt requires 1 2/3 fabric or 60" long and 42 wide. A solid piece for the back.

For the front it is additional 1 2/3 fabric or 60" long and 42 wide, cut in squares.

It can be made from scrapes or coordinating fabrics. Anything goes!

Suggestions for square size - 8x8 which means 5 across and 7 long = 35 squares. This will give you 2 inches extra on width and 4 inches extra on length. Good to bind the quilt.

Or 6x6 which means 7 across and 1o long = 70 squares. This is exact and you can sew the front to the back and turn inside out, and save the step of binding. However, with this, be careful of the selvage. It sometimes has white or printing on it.

The batting should be thin, and it comes in crib size - 60 x 45. Or you can purchase in from a roll.

HOWEVER, now I told you what we are doing, you can make any size you want!


1. finished quilts
2. fabric - any amount
3. 1 2/3 fabric for the back
4. batting
5. money
6. People to sew squares
7. Picture of you (emailed to me) You might be in the Weber State Signpost! Jake is on a committee for Weber State University, the purple pack, and they are participating in this service project. They will be cutting squares of fabric for the quilts. Weber State wants to see how the community and the University are working together.
8. If you know of a specific need, let us know and we will consider it when deciding where to place these quilts!

We are donating these quilts locally in Ogden city. I have made many calls and I am shocked how much need there is for these quilts. TEAR TEAR! We will let you know where they are going, and if you have any suggestions please share with us!

Please email me to let me know what you will be donating, and I will email you to tell where to bring the donations. Any Questions?

Magic carpet ride!

Loaded onto the blanket

NO grandpa, not over the stair!

Oh Good, safe, pulled quickly away!

Lost our balance!
So fast, too much fun!

Whoops, over the stair!
Grandpa do it again!
(I know the pictures are not so good, but this was to much fun to not post about!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hope Squared!

We have been following this site for a while - .
I loved how they made sock monkeys for a burn center, and sent dolls to Nicagrauga. All for kids! Now they are making quilts, any size, and fabric, they just ask that it is in squares . These quilts are for kids that don't have what my kids and grand kids have. A warm place with parents who love them. Breaks my heart!

Inspirational! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we were going to participate with craft hope, but instead decided to make quilts in squares for kids in our neck of the woods!

We were going to do it as a family, Morgan, Erin, Paige (in Moscow Idaho) and Granny!

What we forgot is we have Jake, and he never wants to be left out, and being the only boy, sometimes he is!

Just so happens he is on a committee, the Purple Pack, at Weber State University, and they are looking for service projects all the time! They want to help too!!!!

GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! WEBER STATE (University) Now we need fabric!

If you want to participate in way, shape or form, we would love it!!!!

If you have fabric to donate, or money for batting, or time to sew squares - please please email me Or leave a comment!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Melanie!



Today is our wonderful mother's, wife's and grandma's birthday!

Leave her some birthday wishes or give her a call!


Love you mom! You are the best!!

-Love, your kids, grandkids and husband!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Jay loves the outdoors, I mean LOVES the outdoors. He should have worked for the Forest Service, but he doesn't. He also would have liked to be a Mountain man, and live in a tent, hike and fish and sleep under the stars, but he isn't.
He has a job that he wears dress clothes, every single day!

So he has an addiction, an obsession! When I can't find him, I know where he is Dillards!
Last night he wanted to stop by and check out Dillards sale - 3 hrs later- we left with another purchase!

He bought 13 shirts for $118.00. Most of the shirts started at $75.00 each. Wow, it is a SALE!

However, how many closets do we need for his clothes? Too Many!!!
P.S. He also buys shoes and outdoor clothes.


It is amazing the time you have when you don't watch T.V.!

I hate to admit it, but I don't have an original idea in my head, I am a COPY CAT! I Love to see what other people are making and I then I try it!

And about the T.V. - it went out, probably just the on/off switch, an easy fix! We are trying to decide if we want a new one or fix our old one. What to do?
At first we (me, Jay & Jake) were pretty bored, and thought we couldn't live without T.V., but last night we had glaciers and fries at Kirts, and Jake said we don't need T.V.! Wow, Jay & I had both just said that. It is so nice & peaceful and we are finding time to do other things! I am sure we will have T.V. again, but for now here are some projects I have been copying - Ha Ha Ha!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Love, Live & Serve

Every problem carries the seeds of opportunity to learn, to love, to grow, to simply be happy to be alive. When we attach to an object, to a person, or a safe zone, it is just as we are stuck in the zoom mode, and all we can see is the smallest part of life. Zoom the lens out then your problems are a smaller part of your universe. That they really don't require much of our attention at all.

I love Sundays! I go to church and it never fails, I get answers to a question I am having!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hard Job!

Jake says I have a hard job - calendaring my lunch dates! What I say, "I have earned it." When your my age, you are old enough to have free time, and young enough to enjoy it!

I also have a CD that talks about the difference between men and women. Men can go fishing with a friend, sit on a boat all day and say a few words and he is satisfied. Women on the other hand, need friends, multiple friends. With just one friend, they would starve to death! Ha Ha! So True!!!!

Boring blog? Yes, but I am the worlds worst at keeping a journal and this makes me feel a little less guilty! Should I be private, probably, but since I have such an exciting, interesting blog, who really reads it.

Here are my High School friends! We had a fun lunch and lots of reminiscing. An interesting thought I had - Lots of years, and events have taken place, since High School, but we are the same people.

I am grateful for such good friends! They lifted me, encouraged me and never tempted me to do anything wrong way back when. They still do that today!

On a side note, one of them is Teacher Julie - Coopers preschool teacher!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Simple Pleasures!

The perfect day was today! Taking kids to the Zoo and watching their sheer joy at seeing all the animals. I am not just talking grandkids, but my adult daughters too! The weather was great, no crowds, and lots of baby animals!!!

We missed Paige!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't worry be Happy!

Beautiful inside & out!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is what happens when your a Grandma!

4 cents an hour!

4 cents an hour is what I figured out I make an hour from my crafts. I do it because I have the crazy gene - I LOVE to do it - I HAVE to do it!

There is a really fun Boutique this Saturday - Scraps of Simplicity - It's a good one!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Phil!

Today is Phils birthday! He is 26 years old! WOW!

I remember when Paige was 15. We went to Mcdonalds for family night. Everyone was there, including Grandma & Grandpa Greaves. We were done eating and getting ready to leave, and Paige said DON'T look, (and we all looked) but there is Phil Nelsen, he's so hot. We left and she made me go back in and get a drink refill with her because she wanted me to see him. Really, she wanted another look!

Then we would be at Weber Highs football games, and whenever, the announcer said Phil Nelsen, she would swoon.
She was the little sophomore and he was the big Senior. Her first official date with him, was on her 16th birthday.

Little did we know, that 8 years later, they would be living in Moscow Idaho, while Phil attends Law school.
P - patient - very
H - hot - very
I - Instructor - concealed firearm permit instructor. Utah Legal Heat is his company - (If you checked this post earlier, I put Illegal heat to be funny, no one thought it was funny but me.
L - Law - someday!
Phil is alot of fun and we miss him!

We are so happy to have you for a son-in-law and hope your birthday is one to remember!!!