Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It is amazing the time you have when you don't watch T.V.!

I hate to admit it, but I don't have an original idea in my head, I am a COPY CAT! I Love to see what other people are making and I then I try it!

And about the T.V. - it went out, probably just the on/off switch, an easy fix! We are trying to decide if we want a new one or fix our old one. What to do?
At first we (me, Jay & Jake) were pretty bored, and thought we couldn't live without T.V., but last night we had glaciers and fries at Kirts, and Jake said we don't need T.V.! Wow, Jay & I had both just said that. It is so nice & peaceful and we are finding time to do other things! I am sure we will have T.V. again, but for now here are some projects I have been copying - Ha Ha Ha!


Erin said...

We all have a little copy cat in us!

About the TV: BUY A NEW ONE!!!!!!!

Aleesa said...

Your family is so crafty! I love it. When I move back down we should have girls craft nights!

Paige said...

I'm with both erin and aleesa...get a NEW t.v. (your old one ain't worth fixin :) and let's do a girls craft night!!! Maybe over Christmas break we could do a christmas craft. I'm in!

the onesie turned out really cute! I want to make some! ha and are those pumpkins? CUTE! What are they made of?

oops! said...

An extended family craft day would be fun. So funny, you would ask are these pumpkins! Yes, they are real pumpkins from our pumpkin patch! We think the pumpkins and the squash had babies, and this is what we got! Erin thinks they look like an egg plant, I think an easter egg!

Paige said...

yeah, i think it looks like an easter egg too! well it looks like you made good use of them. :) k, i think we need to see a baby in that little onsie. Erin...GET ON IT! and make it a girl. :)

oops! said...

No babies for me :) Paige...it's your turn!!

oops! said...

Whoops...that comment is me mom (erin) I was still logged in as you from fixin' the cabin blog!