Monday, December 20, 2010

All I want for Christmas!

Baby Cash wants
bag of wipes!
they make the coolest sound when you squeeze them!

And some ribbon would be nice!

                                                And Mommy,
                                                        she wants some sleep!

Paige and Phil are here for Christmas!
Cash, who was sleeping through the night at home,
is not having it in a strange place!

Please Santa,
they have been Nice!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I have been serving as a Relief Society Advisor at the University Singles ward for 2 years and 3 months!
I loved every minute of it, but I knew it would end.
And it
Boo Hoo!
I served with the Bishopric,
 The High councilman
I loved the kids in the ward like my own, and you know how much I love my kids - A Lot!
The first ward I was in the kids were amazing and so was the Bishopric and the High councilman. I was asked to change wards and I cried.  I was sure that this was a unique special ward and no other would be like it! 
But the next ward was the same!
Amazing kids and Leadership!
Then there were lots of changes and I was involved with yet another Bishopric, kids and High councilman!
Once again I just knew that the 3rd time it would be different.
it was just as good!
You know why! 
The leadership were dedicated and loving,
the kids today are
People would say, these kids must really need you - no I needed them!
The world is in good hands!

I also made some Forever Friends!
The Stake Young Women Presidency
The advisors who served in the other singles wards!
We laughed together,
A Lot!
and cryed together,
for joy!

I am grateful for this opportunity and for all I learned.

The one thing that is constant in the church is change,
and I am on to my next adventure and calling,
And it will be good too!
and my new calling has been busy, and that is why I am a bad blogger!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grandma & Grandpas House!

Cooper & Spencer checking out Grandpa Jay's animal collection!

                                                                      Too Cute!

Rock Band Stars!

Too Funny!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Another Birthday, that means another year older!
Oh dear, slow down time!  I blinked and we were at Pepperbelly's for lunch again, celebrating my birthday!
This year, we missed Cooper who started Kindergarten,
Paige, Phil and Cash, who are in Moscow, Idaho!

             Morgan babysat Cooper and Spencer while Jay and I went to a movie with Erin and Derek.
We went to Inception.
But I liked it a lot, and it made me think about our dreams!
It is a little crazy, that when we sleep, we dream,
and we mix people and places all up together.
And sometimes we fly!

                                    This is cute little Spencer eyeing my free fried ice cream!


           While me and Erin are getting our picture taking,  Morgan is feeding Spencer the fried ice cream!

Guess who took our picture. . .
He is 3, and to entertain him, we sometimes give him my camera and he snaps pictures!
We didn't have anyone to take all of us together,and we knew Spencer knew how, so Erin propped Spencer up on a chair against a wall, and said take our picture and he did!
Erin had to run around the table, FAST, because he was Fast at taking the picture!

It was a great day of riddle me this, and riddle me that and lots of laughing! 
 54 is going to be a great year!
P.S. I Love my Family!
last years birthday here

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too Cute!

I am counting down the days until Paige and Cash will be here!
She is coming for a wedding
and I will be in Heaven

Saturday, September 11, 2010

And it begins! Soccer!!!!!

Saturday morning Soccer! Yahoo! We spent our whole life at the soccer field with Jake, and loved every minute of it! When his Sr. year in high school came, we knew our entertainment was over! Well, it has begun again, with Cooper! Today was his first game and he did awesome!

He had never played before, and hadn't even had a practice. He went out and was lost for a second, then stepped it up!

Jake our birthday boy, had surgery on Thursday and has been confined to the couch. So he is enjoying the sun & freedom from the house for a little while!

Cooper was so proud of his shin guards!

He scored a goal!!

The Team! The Sharks!

I am looking forward to this fall season of soccer with Coop!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Prairie Schooner!

Paige and Phil were in town to bless their new baby, Cash!

We went to the Prairie Schooner to celebrate,
and give the kids a book in honor of this beautiful baby!
The book is the Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox!
I would highly recommend reading this book!
We had a great time and good food!

A couple of years ago, Jay & I had a gift certificate to the Prairie Schooner and decided to use it on New Years Eve.
We called some friends, Jamie & Kelly to see if they wanted to meet us.
I made reservations for the 4 of us for 8 p.m.
When we arrived at the restaurant it was packed, and I was glad I had made reservations.
I went through the mob of people, to tell them we were here.
I said, " Greaves for 4."
I was told they don't take reservations.
What. . .
I said I had called earlier and they had taken my reservation.
The poor girl was sorry, but said they didn't take reservations, but they would put our name down, and it would be an hour. . .
A little mad, but kept my cool and I said, "O.K."
Jay and I decided we could visit with our friends and after all it was New Year's Eve, so what the heck.
I still couldn't believe they didn't take reservations!
I thought they tricked us unto coming in, so we would stay and eat!
Not a smart thing to do, and I didn't think I would ever come back!
We looked at the clock, and our friends were late!
We thought it was O.K. because we had to wait an hour anyway.
Then we got a call from our friends, and they were wondering if we were coming.
I said," we are here, where are you," thinking they were in the mob of people and we couldn't see them.
Jay and I were at the Timber Mine!
Wrong restaurant!
No wonder they didn't have our reservation!
We slithered through the people with our heads down and hurried to the right restaurant!
Jay always tells me he can't believe I did that!
Hello you were with me!

P.S. pretty good deal on gift certificates here:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This Little Boy!

This little boy had a birthday!
Spencer turned 3!
I love him!
This little boy started Kindergarten!
Cooper is 5!
I love him!
This little boy had surgery on his ear!
Grandpa is 81!
I love him!
This little boy visited our family at Bear Lake!
Mat is . . . .
He is my brother
I love him!
This little boy moved out!
Jake is 23!
I love him!

This little boy - Cash-and his Mom have been staying with us for a couple of weeks!
He is 2 months!
I Love him!These are a few of the little boys in my life,
I have a few more,
and I love them all!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Party according to Spencer!

Spencer is going to be 3 and He is a photographer!

He took pictures of his Dad's 30th birthday party, and I thought I would share them with you!

The grass! It is green and lush!
I would never think to take a picture of the grass,
and I might be really happy I have this picture one day!

The cement, I didn't really pay attention to this part of the party!

Someones cute feet, and I really like the color of polish!
If you recognize these feet, let me know the color - Please!

Spencer is not very tall and this is his view!



Cooper, or how about the view beyond. . .
Just kidding!

The umbrella and yard, he is getting better!

The flowers, that he watered with a cup out of the water cooler!

Wow, Aunt Rachel and Grandma Kelly!
Thanks Spencer, for the real happenings at the Birthday party!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Derek is turning the big
His birthday is Aug. 26th - the same day as my brother Mat, and my niece Ashley!
Erin wanted to surprise him, she had a surprise party for him early, so he wouldn't figure it out!

I think he was surprised and Happy!
He sure has a lot of neat friends and an awesome family!
Erin ordered this cute cake and decorated around it.
She sure knows how to throw a party.

These pictures were before the party started!
Once it started I was to busy having fun, and didn't take more pictures.
Spencer did though and my next post will be his photography skills, and how he saw the party!
Happy Birthday Derek!
A few weeks early!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I took my camera to a BBQ that we had with our friends,
and we were having so much fun, I didn't think of taking a picture until everyone was leaving!
Miriam, Joan & Jill - Kris had left.

Miriam, Me & Joan
Our husbands were there, but not wanting a picture,
they are such guys!
We had lots of great food, lots of laughs, & some tears.

I especially liked the inspirational stories of their callings!

We went on a cruise with them and had such a great time!
We decided to try another adventure to Egypt, Israel, Rome, Athens, Ephesus etc.
I am a wee bit nervous, because this is the ship we will be taking,

It almost tipped over, and every dish on the ship broke!
Now that would be an adventure - Yikes!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A GOOD day!

This was a Good day! I painted furniture in the morning until it was too hot!

Then I went to Gramps & Gigi's to swim.

Erin, Cooper & Spencer were there, and then Jake came too!

Cooper has a ball jumping off the diving board!

He talked me into, as he calls them, doing tricks.

We cannon balled, toe touched, & twisted our way into the pool.

I even dove in, and this Grandma was tired!

These two grand kids are pure joy to me. I enjoy every minute I get to be with them.

I laugh at their antics, and think they are funny together.

The swimming pool was warm like a bath tub, and Spencer is cooling Cooper off with the cold hose water!

The day just kept getting better!

Paige and Phil are in town and now I get to enjoy another beautiful grand baby, Cash.

Phil was four wheeling with his Dad and brothers,

so Paige and I ventured out to dinner at the Union Grill.

Cash was so good!

Isn't he so cute. . . .

Paige and Phil are such good parents, and loving this new addition to their family!
I am loving it too!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Old friends!

Who says your to old to have friends and fun. . .
We went on a bike ride at the park way in Ogden!
Wow it was beautiful!
We took our cell phone in case we had to dial 911 or call life flight!
We didn't have to do either and had a great time!

Julie D. Marilyn C. and Kathy W.
High school friends!
Julie D.'s shirt says it all - Just do it!

This is how we celebrated the bike ride,
Ice cream at Farr's!
Hey, we can do that, we just went and burned a lot of calories!