Monday, September 6, 2010

Prairie Schooner!

Paige and Phil were in town to bless their new baby, Cash!

We went to the Prairie Schooner to celebrate,
and give the kids a book in honor of this beautiful baby!
The book is the Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox!
I would highly recommend reading this book!
We had a great time and good food!

A couple of years ago, Jay & I had a gift certificate to the Prairie Schooner and decided to use it on New Years Eve.
We called some friends, Jamie & Kelly to see if they wanted to meet us.
I made reservations for the 4 of us for 8 p.m.
When we arrived at the restaurant it was packed, and I was glad I had made reservations.
I went through the mob of people, to tell them we were here.
I said, " Greaves for 4."
I was told they don't take reservations.
What. . .
I said I had called earlier and they had taken my reservation.
The poor girl was sorry, but said they didn't take reservations, but they would put our name down, and it would be an hour. . .
A little mad, but kept my cool and I said, "O.K."
Jay and I decided we could visit with our friends and after all it was New Year's Eve, so what the heck.
I still couldn't believe they didn't take reservations!
I thought they tricked us unto coming in, so we would stay and eat!
Not a smart thing to do, and I didn't think I would ever come back!
We looked at the clock, and our friends were late!
We thought it was O.K. because we had to wait an hour anyway.
Then we got a call from our friends, and they were wondering if we were coming.
I said," we are here, where are you," thinking they were in the mob of people and we couldn't see them.
Jay and I were at the Timber Mine!
Wrong restaurant!
No wonder they didn't have our reservation!
We slithered through the people with our heads down and hurried to the right restaurant!
Jay always tells me he can't believe I did that!
Hello you were with me!

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