Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Party according to Spencer!

Spencer is going to be 3 and He is a photographer!

He took pictures of his Dad's 30th birthday party, and I thought I would share them with you!

The grass! It is green and lush!
I would never think to take a picture of the grass,
and I might be really happy I have this picture one day!

The cement, I didn't really pay attention to this part of the party!

Someones cute feet, and I really like the color of polish!
If you recognize these feet, let me know the color - Please!

Spencer is not very tall and this is his view!



Cooper, or how about the view beyond. . .
Just kidding!

The umbrella and yard, he is getting better!

The flowers, that he watered with a cup out of the water cooler!

Wow, Aunt Rachel and Grandma Kelly!
Thanks Spencer, for the real happenings at the Birthday party!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Derek is turning the big
His birthday is Aug. 26th - the same day as my brother Mat, and my niece Ashley!
Erin wanted to surprise him, she had a surprise party for him early, so he wouldn't figure it out!

I think he was surprised and Happy!
He sure has a lot of neat friends and an awesome family!
Erin ordered this cute cake and decorated around it.
She sure knows how to throw a party.

These pictures were before the party started!
Once it started I was to busy having fun, and didn't take more pictures.
Spencer did though and my next post will be his photography skills, and how he saw the party!
Happy Birthday Derek!
A few weeks early!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I took my camera to a BBQ that we had with our friends,
and we were having so much fun, I didn't think of taking a picture until everyone was leaving!
Miriam, Joan & Jill - Kris had left.

Miriam, Me & Joan
Our husbands were there, but not wanting a picture,
they are such guys!
We had lots of great food, lots of laughs, & some tears.

I especially liked the inspirational stories of their callings!

We went on a cruise with them and had such a great time!
We decided to try another adventure to Egypt, Israel, Rome, Athens, Ephesus etc.
I am a wee bit nervous, because this is the ship we will be taking,

It almost tipped over, and every dish on the ship broke!
Now that would be an adventure - Yikes!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A GOOD day!

This was a Good day! I painted furniture in the morning until it was too hot!

Then I went to Gramps & Gigi's to swim.

Erin, Cooper & Spencer were there, and then Jake came too!

Cooper has a ball jumping off the diving board!

He talked me into, as he calls them, doing tricks.

We cannon balled, toe touched, & twisted our way into the pool.

I even dove in, and this Grandma was tired!

These two grand kids are pure joy to me. I enjoy every minute I get to be with them.

I laugh at their antics, and think they are funny together.

The swimming pool was warm like a bath tub, and Spencer is cooling Cooper off with the cold hose water!

The day just kept getting better!

Paige and Phil are in town and now I get to enjoy another beautiful grand baby, Cash.

Phil was four wheeling with his Dad and brothers,

so Paige and I ventured out to dinner at the Union Grill.

Cash was so good!

Isn't he so cute. . . .

Paige and Phil are such good parents, and loving this new addition to their family!
I am loving it too!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Old friends!

Who says your to old to have friends and fun. . .
We went on a bike ride at the park way in Ogden!
Wow it was beautiful!
We took our cell phone in case we had to dial 911 or call life flight!
We didn't have to do either and had a great time!

Julie D. Marilyn C. and Kathy W.
High school friends!
Julie D.'s shirt says it all - Just do it!

This is how we celebrated the bike ride,
Ice cream at Farr's!
Hey, we can do that, we just went and burned a lot of calories!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Snap Crackle Pop

Beautiful Beautiful Morgan - turned 30! If you are a Mom, you will understand the Love I have for her. When they hand that new baby to you for the first time, something happens to you! Your heart is never the same! That feeling never goes away, it only increases! So for 30 yrs. I have had the joy of being her Mom!
Now having said that there was an incident - A twilight Zone thing! It happened so fast, and in a few seconds, I felt every emotion possible - Confusion, Fear, shock, embarrassment, sorrow, hysterical laughter! Let me start from the beginning.
Aug. 6Th - Morgans Birthday, and a busy day for me. I drove to Bear Lake and back to take care of a few things at the cabin. Morgans friends - who are awesome- planned to meet at a Restaurant in the Valley, with a few of her friends.Then to Morgans new house for cake and ice cream. I had an assignment from them to take some balloons to the Restaurant, to make it special, and to be there early to hold our reservation. Easy enough, except I was running. I hurried to Walmart and you know Walmart - busy & the parking was crazy. The wind was starting to blow and I had my hair in my face and I was so hot. I book it to the back of the store to where I know the balloons are - only no balloons. I find a Walmart employee and she tells me the balloons are now in the produce. I hurry to produce and ring the bell for service, no one comes. I track down another employee and I get the help I need. A nice young man takes my order of multi colored Birthday balloons. I tell him I am not going to do any other shopping, this is all I need - I will wait. I wait I wait I wait. I check out the doughnut holes, the strawberry sponge cake and I am thinking I am going to eat one, while I wait. The door opens and he brings some balloons out and they are all pink, with one that says it's a girl. When he sees me, he realizes he blew up another ladies order who is shopping. I tell him, I will take them, only swap out the It's a girl with a Happy Birthday balloon, and he does. By now, there are horrendous winds, and the balloons are a bobbing every where. I get them in the car, and speed to meet Erin at my house, to go to the valley. We think we know where the Restaurant is. Wrong, we drive and drive, and retrace our drive and finally stop at a gas station and get directions. We were so close, 2 blocks away. When we arrive at the Carlos & Harley's, the Mexican restaurant, the balloon that says Happy Birthday pops. So I only have pink balloons now, it's OK, Morgan is a girl! We are late and a little nervous, and flustered, afraid they didn't hold our reservation. Erin tells them who we are and the lady says - your reservation is for outside - Hello -Torrential rain and winds by now! Erin sweetly says, It's raining. They put us in a back room, that is also having a large group. We ask if they could rearrange our tables, so we could all sit together, and they can't do it. 2 minutes later, they are arranging the tables in an L shape for the other group, about the same size as ours. What!!!!! Then the excitement begins - The room was hot and we had opened a window, and a wind gust caught the balloons clipped to something on the table, and off they went. They were blown to the ceiling that had 4 ceiling fan lights going full speed.
One popped, it was loud, then another, Erin reached for them, as another popped. She pulled back and the balloons caught in the ceiling fan and went around around around. There were lights strung across the ceiling and they came undone, and one by one the lights in those crackled and blew out. The cord from the lights started swinging around and around on the other end of the rooms ceiling fan and a glass cover from the light hit the table of the other group and shattered, sending glass everywhere.
I almost ducked under the table, not knowing what was coming next. Then it was over, and we were stunned, and then hysterical laughter!
No one was hurt, but in a matter of seconds, the balloons destroyed the Restaurants lights.
I am still stunned by how quickly this happened, and the damage a few balloons could cause.
Confusion, shock, fear, sorrow, embarrassment and hysterical laughter in a few seconds.
Yup, it was Snap, Crackle Pop! Happy Birthday Morgan!
Still laughing!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Worth it!

Jay and I made a quick trip to Bear Lake on Sunday.
We were kinda tired after a full day of church,
but we thought we better check things out up there at the Lake!
It is a good thing we did, the water heater was leaking and it would have caused some serious damage, if we hadn't caught it early!
Coming home through the canyon this is what we saw!
It was Beautiful!
Made the trip worth it!
Now, we need to make some time to make a trip and