Friday, August 13, 2010

A GOOD day!

This was a Good day! I painted furniture in the morning until it was too hot!

Then I went to Gramps & Gigi's to swim.

Erin, Cooper & Spencer were there, and then Jake came too!

Cooper has a ball jumping off the diving board!

He talked me into, as he calls them, doing tricks.

We cannon balled, toe touched, & twisted our way into the pool.

I even dove in, and this Grandma was tired!

These two grand kids are pure joy to me. I enjoy every minute I get to be with them.

I laugh at their antics, and think they are funny together.

The swimming pool was warm like a bath tub, and Spencer is cooling Cooper off with the cold hose water!

The day just kept getting better!

Paige and Phil are in town and now I get to enjoy another beautiful grand baby, Cash.

Phil was four wheeling with his Dad and brothers,

so Paige and I ventured out to dinner at the Union Grill.

Cash was so good!

Isn't he so cute. . . .

Paige and Phil are such good parents, and loving this new addition to their family!
I am loving it too!


Angie in Wyo said...

That was a good day! Your a good grandma to do all those tricks with the boys. Cash is adorable. Holy Cow that is a big plate of food in front of Erin! I hope it was good.

Angie in Wyo said...

Yeah, I really meant Paige, not Erin. Please, forgive me!!