Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keep my shelves stocked with spray paint!

Erin stopped by to paint this chair for a photo shoot.
She knows I am always good for a can of spray paint!
I will keep my shelves stocked for her
because she brings these 2 cute boys!
They took turns pushing each other around
in the Tonka truck!
NOTHING makes me smile like watching these two!
Greaves Furniture factory is in full swing,
but the weather is not cooperating!

Coming home from church, I saw this table with a sign that said free junk!
Oh, how I love FREE junk!

I know this is cute how it is, but wait until it has a fresh coat of paint!

Everyone once in a while, the DI has 50% off its furniture!
It is already priced so low, but they want to clear out the big stuff!
I have a new friend at the DI too!
He is so helpful and pleasant and watches out for me!
He asked me what I do with all the furniture I buy,
so I showed him a piece of painted furniture.
One day I went in and he showed me a couple of end tables, I thought I would like.
He said his wife would love one of them!
I asked him what colour, and he said white or black.
So I hope he is happy when I take it back too him painted.
His wife is pregnant, and I am thinking I better have it done in time for Mothers day!
What goes around comes around!
And speaking of Mothers day - I got a call last night to speak in church on Mothers day!
What kind of gift is that??????

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great Great Great!

Jay is a Weber State Graduate, and we have attended the basketball games for years! It was especially fun this year because a couple of the basketball players where in my singles ward where I serve.
I have enjoyed so many of the half times!
This has been my favorite!
The tap dancers get going and have fun !
This 90 plus women breaks out -

dances like crazy -

The crowd goes wild -

she does the splits to a standing screaming crowd!
All I can say is WOW!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I LOVE Sundays!

We slow down and remember,

what's important!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Wanna know how Jake is paying his college tuition?Jay hits the golf balls and . . .
for each one Jake caught, his Dad gave him $25.00!

While these two goofballs where having their fun,
I was having mine!
Painting the ugly duckling chair!

I am loving it!
Almost done, but
we are going to watch a movie now,
So Monday I will have a date with this chair!

P.S. Had a great overnighter with Spencer!
He says the funniest things!
When I washed his hair,
He wanted to know if it was Biolage!

I asked him if I could take his picture!
I told him I would send it to his Mom and Dad.
I asked him if he knew where his Mom and Dad were?
He said George! (St. George)
I said yup, they are in George.
He said, George Lopez?
Aahh - he is so funny!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today . . . .

Thunder & Lightening
Torrential rain
Where are you Sun?
I drove all the way across town to use my 40% off coupon at Joannes.
Forgot the coupon!
The girl in front of me asked the lady cutting fabric if she could use her email coupon off her phone?
"No,"the worker said, "we need the bar code."
"Do you have any coupons I could use," the girl asked?
"I am sorry we don't." the worker said.
I am next, and I say, "I forgot my coupon too, but I am buying this fabric anyway."
The worker walks over and picks up a flyer that has a 50% off coupon and hands it to me.
"Most people don't know these are here, but I give them out freely!"
I am glad I am the one she gave it to, freely!

The fabric with the coupon - $15.00
The Ugly duckling bought at the Salvation Army for $14.99

Wish me luck!

I am loving White!!
Watching Spencer tonight, Yes overnight - excited!
He is pure JOY!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yahoo Boohoo!

case lot sale - Yahoo!!!
Putting it away - BooHoo!
Had a funeral, had visitors, went golfing, painted and sold alot of furniture, celebrated important birthdays and many more things - this is what I blog about!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Paige is having a Baby boy!

Baby stuff is the best! Paige is due July 11th and she is having a baby boy!!!! No name yet! We had a shower for her at Erin's house and it was really fun! Lots of people and lots of presents everyone was very generous! We had some good food and some fun decorations! The guest of honor
The Fab Five
Cute cousins & Aunt!
Jaclyn Jacee Judie
Wish I had some chicken salad from Costco now!

Tissue pom poms - making them 1/2 hr. before the shower!
They are that easy!