Saturday, April 24, 2010


Wanna know how Jake is paying his college tuition?Jay hits the golf balls and . . .
for each one Jake caught, his Dad gave him $25.00!

While these two goofballs where having their fun,
I was having mine!
Painting the ugly duckling chair!

I am loving it!
Almost done, but
we are going to watch a movie now,
So Monday I will have a date with this chair!

P.S. Had a great overnighter with Spencer!
He says the funniest things!
When I washed his hair,
He wanted to know if it was Biolage!

I asked him if I could take his picture!
I told him I would send it to his Mom and Dad.
I asked him if he knew where his Mom and Dad were?
He said George! (St. George)
I said yup, they are in George.
He said, George Lopez?
Aahh - he is so funny!


Paige said...

haha spencer is hilarious!! How does he know who George Lopez is? haha cute! K, tell dad I'll catch golf balls for $5 a piece. that's insane! Jakes one spoiled boy but at least he's working for his money. :) That chair is ADORABLE! LOVE it.

Erin said...

What?! Dad is handing out money...or should I say "golfing out some money!" Tell him I want a turn! Love the chair (i think you should keep it too!) Oh and words for that kids. He is amazing. Love him (and you for watching him!)