Monday, April 12, 2010

Paige is having a Baby boy!

Baby stuff is the best! Paige is due July 11th and she is having a baby boy!!!! No name yet! We had a shower for her at Erin's house and it was really fun! Lots of people and lots of presents everyone was very generous! We had some good food and some fun decorations! The guest of honor
The Fab Five
Cute cousins & Aunt!
Jaclyn Jacee Judie
Wish I had some chicken salad from Costco now!

Tissue pom poms - making them 1/2 hr. before the shower!
They are that easy!


John and Aleesa said...

I wish I could have come!!! The decorations and food look amazing! I'm so excited for Paige!

Veronica said...

Fun and creative as you Greaves girls always are. I am happy for Paige and Phi. A baby are like me with grandsons. Aren't they great? Hope you are doing well. I know how busy you are. f

Paige said...

Our pom poms are awesome! I was a little worried there for a minute. :) It was a great shower and baby boy got SPOILED!!!