Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keep my shelves stocked with spray paint!

Erin stopped by to paint this chair for a photo shoot.
She knows I am always good for a can of spray paint!
I will keep my shelves stocked for her
because she brings these 2 cute boys!
They took turns pushing each other around
in the Tonka truck!
NOTHING makes me smile like watching these two!
Greaves Furniture factory is in full swing,
but the weather is not cooperating!

Coming home from church, I saw this table with a sign that said free junk!
Oh, how I love FREE junk!

I know this is cute how it is, but wait until it has a fresh coat of paint!

Everyone once in a while, the DI has 50% off its furniture!
It is already priced so low, but they want to clear out the big stuff!
I have a new friend at the DI too!
He is so helpful and pleasant and watches out for me!
He asked me what I do with all the furniture I buy,
so I showed him a piece of painted furniture.
One day I went in and he showed me a couple of end tables, I thought I would like.
He said his wife would love one of them!
I asked him what colour, and he said white or black.
So I hope he is happy when I take it back too him painted.
His wife is pregnant, and I am thinking I better have it done in time for Mothers day!
What goes around comes around!
And speaking of Mothers day - I got a call last night to speak in church on Mothers day!
What kind of gift is that??????


Erin said...

Your good for more then just spray paint (just so ya know :) I can't wait to see all this painted!!

Also, I want to come watch you speak! Tell me when and where!

lacey said...

You are so stinkin crafty! I LOVE that dresser with the different height drawers. And I totally need a dresser for my girls room .. I kinda sold theres on KSL before I had bought one. oops! I need to move to Ogden, your D.I. ROCKS!