Monday, May 3, 2010

WHITE & more white - before & afters!

Surprise Surprise our new truck is WHITE!
Jay commutes to work and drives the car.
It saves us gas money!
He gave up the 350 Ford diesel long bed,
For a 150 Ford gas short bed,
For me!
(this picture of the truck is for you Paige)



Knobs still need to be bought!
It went from egad to omgash!



nice detail


It is much nicer than the picture shows!
Erin this would be cute
in your kitchen
with a chalkboard above it!
I spend hours trying to decide what colour to paint the furniture I have,
So to make it easy and because I love it, everything is white!
Off to work in the yard!


Erin said...


LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! I want...wait...I NEED that last table you have posted. That would be so cute in my kitchen with some plates above it. MOM, gosh darn you are good. Keep it up!

I will make you a blog tomorrow, come take pictures and get this ball rolling!

Your the best!

Paige said...

Finally! I picture of the truck. It's about time. Are you liking it? Phil laughs that dad always buys a new truck...FOR YOU! :)

I WANT that bench!!!!! How wide is it? I think it would be cute at the bottom of my stairs. Love it! All of it is cute!

Morgan Greaves said...

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

Can I please come see you and you can teach me a thing or two? :)I really want to do what you do with furniture!

Ava Harness said...

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