Friday, May 14, 2010

Tramp Fun!

Help me up Coop!
No you catch me Mom!

You can't get me!

Oh Ya!

Take down!

Your so fun Mom!

I think of little Ethan Stacy that was murdered by his Step dad & Mom.
As an innocent helpless little boy, he should have been having fun on the Tramp. . .


Paige said...

every little boy should be lucky enough to have a mom like erin. so sad about Ethan...I can't even imagine how crazy you'd have to be to let someone to that to your little boy. She will have to live with that quilt for the rest of eternity!

Can't wait to play on the tramp with my little bun in the over...whatever his name might be. :)

Erin said...

Love Cooper even though I am hard on him sometimes. This is a good reminder to play, kiss and hug instead of worrying if he looks like a little annoying 5 year old in front of Jake and his friends :)