Monday, May 24, 2010


I am not the only one who thinks he's cute!
Jay went on a fishing trip for the weekend and
Jake gave me a dinner date with him for Mothers day.
(I think my kids all know my favorite thing to do is go to lunch or dinner with them!}
So with Jay gone, it was the perfect time to go, plus we were starving!
We went to Texas Road House, and did I say we were hungry?
They told us it would be 20 minutes, well 40 minutes later, we are starting to notice everyone who came in after us had already been seated. I went and asked the Hostess and she said they would get us right in, and our # came up quick! We were asked to stand to the side while they got our table ready.
We waited and waited and finally they came and took the people behind us. The kind people said we were first, so the girl went to the Hostess and came back and told the other couple, she was to take them.
By now, hungry Jake was about to steal the yummy rolls that kept going by us.
Finally we were seated by a cute bubbly girl who wanted to chit chat - we were too hungry.
She asked how long it had been since we had been to Texas Road House, and I said a while and it might be a while before we came back - kidding!
Jake said," I think we should get a free dessert."
We sat down and the manager appeared and said, "Hello."
We both just looked at her and she said, "Did you want to see me?"
I said, "No"
Jake said we should get a free desert for being overlooked.
For two people who are the least confrontational ever, this was a BIG deal.
That was the best free dessert ever!
Ha ha, we had no silverware either!
The waitress asked Jake is he was single or had a girlfriend? She was a wee bit embarrassed, she said it was for another server!
Jake said "yes he was single, and no he didn't have a girlfriend."
(I secretly thought it was for her)
As we were walking out a cute girl was blocking our way and handed Jake a piece of paper with her name and number and said this was for him, and it was her who had asked.
Jake smiled, blushed and said your quite bold, I think I like it!
And to think he was with his Mother!
if she only knew how sweet he was too!


Erin said...

Is it weird that his sister thinks he is the cutest thing around too. Not to mention I don't think he could hurt a fly. A VERY lucky lady will snag him up one day!

PS. I want free dessert. Lets go to lunch this week :)

Paige said...

Let's go to lunch when I'm in town! woot woot!

Jake is a cutie and so sweet...especially to his mom. So funny that you two are the ones that got the free dessert. You know that at 21 minutes I would have been up at that counter asking if we'd been overlooked. you guys are just too patient. :)

I like that girl too! who doesn't like someone who knows what they want? :)