Saturday, May 29, 2010

Funny Faces!

The 2nd day of Paige's visit, we went back to DATC the for facials and face waxing!
Facials are $20.00 for 1 hr. and it was heaven!
Then to Erin's house for hair cutting, dying and visiting!
It didn't end there, we went to Pizzeria and had their yummy salad and pizza. The boys were hitting a bucket of balls so we took our left overs and picked up a pizza for them at little Caesers. I am thinking that was kinda mean, we ate the best pizza in the world and they ate a $5.00 pizza. We ended up back at our house to play games, but it never happened. Instead they made funny faces.
Here are a few and I am sorry kids, they are just too funny!
Cooper & Paige

Erin & Cooper

Spencer & Morgan

And the winners - Erin & Derek!
Just gotta love the crazy adorable kids!
They are pretty darn cute & funny!
Love them!
(I know, I know, there will be payback for this)

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Oh you KNOW I have some pay back pictures. Just wait :)