Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Project - twiner chair, almost!

Remember? This ugly duckling chair I bought for $14.99?
I honestly didn't know if I could reupholster it to look good!
It is easier than painting furniture, I used a lot of staples -I Love it!

I didn't take a good picture of it alone, but I made a pillow and a cork board. This picture shows the cool frame I bought from the DI. I spray painted it before I put the cork in it!

Yup, I found another chair, if you look close - it is a different color and has a different cushion!
It was $15.00

This is the fabric, I am going to use!
To die for!

I have a purse that has a flower like this on it, so I made one for this pillow!
I used felt and scraps, just to practice,
and it turned out pretty cute!
Oh, and I LOVE this time of year because of all the flowers!
These ones are from Paige & Phil!
Erin & Derek also gave me a hanging pot!
Lucky girl, I am!


Kaija said...

Where the heck was I when all the talents were being handed out! You are amazing! I love love love it! Love the fabric and accessories with the first chair! Looks so like it belongs in a cute boutique!

Paige said...

i kind of want to throw up because that blue fabric would have been to DIE for in a nursery! ahhh. I love it! All of it is so cute.

Erin said...

SO TALENTED! You need to post a picture of that white mirror and dresser you showed me last night. I would put $500 or more on thay puppy!

update soon please!