Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reduce Reuse Recycle! More painted furniture!

The sun won't shine for two days in a row! In between rain storms, I am trying to plant flowers and paint furniture!
I Love out door benches, but have never liked the price.
Except this one!
I went to Wangsgards to do my grocery shopping and came home with a bench!
Score!Here it is with cute Jake!
Here it is with out Jake!
Things are just things!
~It is the people that are important~

Close up of the latest & greatest project

another closeup

know what it is?

Ta Da!
My favorite so far!

Have you been to the paint stores and there are a bazillion colors of white?
My favorite is Behr Bleached Linen!
This dresser and nightstand is heavy solid wood, with a laminate top!
Uhg -so I use Zinsser oil base primer!
Then the bleached linen latex paint (water base)
I distress the edges
(a little trick - use a clean paint brush to brush off, after using sand paper to distress it - it works wonders in the crevices!)

Then finish it off with miniwax wipe-on poly!
Alot of steps, I know - but it finishes it off nice!

when I use oil base primer, I throw the paint brush away, I hate the cleanup!


Paige said...

Love the furniture! If I was having a girl I think I'd make you give it to me. :)

Jake is looking mighty tan...i miss those days!

Erin said...

That is to DIE for. Seriously. I will make you a blog TODAY.

I think I want this one too!
Put it on my tab :)

Ps. That bench would fit on my front porch. Should I get one?!

Chelle said...

Way cute! This weather stinks though!! I've only been able to get out and paint a handful of times this spring. Can't wait for the rain to stop and the sun to shine!
p.s. have you ever tried using a tack cloth after sanding? You'd be amazed. Picks up the very tiniest pieces of dust!