Saturday, September 11, 2010

And it begins! Soccer!!!!!

Saturday morning Soccer! Yahoo! We spent our whole life at the soccer field with Jake, and loved every minute of it! When his Sr. year in high school came, we knew our entertainment was over! Well, it has begun again, with Cooper! Today was his first game and he did awesome!

He had never played before, and hadn't even had a practice. He went out and was lost for a second, then stepped it up!

Jake our birthday boy, had surgery on Thursday and has been confined to the couch. So he is enjoying the sun & freedom from the house for a little while!

Cooper was so proud of his shin guards!

He scored a goal!!

The Team! The Sharks!

I am looking forward to this fall season of soccer with Coop!


Erin said...

It was SO fun watching Cooper.
When we got home he said "I am a pretty good soccer player!" He also said he LOVED it. I am glad :) I hope you will be able to come to many, many more. I know he appreciates it and feels the LOVE!

PS. I have to say my coat is pretty darn cute. Good find! TJ Maxx I LOVE YOU...ha!

Crystal said...

I love that! My mom was the exact same way. We played sports our whole lives and when we were out of highschool she felt so lost with all the free time. Now she's starting with Gavin's Soccer. So awesome!! It's nice to be back in the game :)

Lindsay Heitz said...

I didn't know you had this blog. I'm excited I found it. Morgan linked to it tonight. You have such a way with words. You tell great stories!! You are so awesome for recording all these fun memories. The story of Morgans birthday is hilarious!!

Veronica said...

So cute! I know how much we both love being grandmas. Hope Jake is recovering well. Miss talking to you! Take care!