Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Jay loves the outdoors, I mean LOVES the outdoors. He should have worked for the Forest Service, but he doesn't. He also would have liked to be a Mountain man, and live in a tent, hike and fish and sleep under the stars, but he isn't.
He has a job that he wears dress clothes, every single day!

So he has an addiction, an obsession! When I can't find him, I know where he is Dillards!
Last night he wanted to stop by and check out Dillards sale - 3 hrs later- we left with another purchase!

He bought 13 shirts for $118.00. Most of the shirts started at $75.00 each. Wow, it is a SALE!

However, how many closets do we need for his clothes? Too Many!!!
P.S. He also buys shoes and outdoor clothes.

1 comment:

Paige said...

it looks like there's a spaceship coming to take him away in that top picture. ha

we all have a shopping problem...mine is just sleeping right now. not having any money will do that to ya. but dad sure knows how to bargain shop!