Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Phil!

Today is Phils birthday! He is 26 years old! WOW!

I remember when Paige was 15. We went to Mcdonalds for family night. Everyone was there, including Grandma & Grandpa Greaves. We were done eating and getting ready to leave, and Paige said DON'T look, (and we all looked) but there is Phil Nelsen, he's so hot. We left and she made me go back in and get a drink refill with her because she wanted me to see him. Really, she wanted another look!

Then we would be at Weber Highs football games, and whenever, the announcer said Phil Nelsen, she would swoon.
She was the little sophomore and he was the big Senior. Her first official date with him, was on her 16th birthday.

Little did we know, that 8 years later, they would be living in Moscow Idaho, while Phil attends Law school.
P - patient - very
H - hot - very
I - Instructor - concealed firearm permit instructor. Utah Legal Heat is his company - (If you checked this post earlier, I put Illegal heat to be funny, no one thought it was funny but me.
L - Law - someday!
Phil is alot of fun and we miss him!

We are so happy to have you for a son-in-law and hope your birthday is one to remember!!!


Morgan Greaves said... this post!!! Happy Birthday Phil!

Paige said...

oh heavens mother...that picture is great of me! can you say tubby? okay enough about me, this post is for him. I forgot about the mcdonalds thing. I'll have to remember that. thanks for the post!

Phil said...

About two or three times a year I'll see or read something that makes me laugh really, really hard. It's quite an event when it happens and it's too bad you weren't here to see me read this post because it was one of those times. You are a really cool mother in law. Thank you for the post and for the card! You guys are great.