Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hard Job!

Jake says I have a hard job - calendaring my lunch dates! What I say, "I have earned it." When your my age, you are old enough to have free time, and young enough to enjoy it!

I also have a CD that talks about the difference between men and women. Men can go fishing with a friend, sit on a boat all day and say a few words and he is satisfied. Women on the other hand, need friends, multiple friends. With just one friend, they would starve to death! Ha Ha! So True!!!!

Boring blog? Yes, but I am the worlds worst at keeping a journal and this makes me feel a little less guilty! Should I be private, probably, but since I have such an exciting, interesting blog, who really reads it.

Here are my High School friends! We had a fun lunch and lots of reminiscing. An interesting thought I had - Lots of years, and events have taken place, since High School, but we are the same people.

I am grateful for such good friends! They lifted me, encouraged me and never tempted me to do anything wrong way back when. They still do that today!

On a side note, one of them is Teacher Julie - Coopers preschool teacher!

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Erin said...

Oh do have one of the hardest jobs. Lunch dates, shopping, crafting, pop runs, chatting on the phone etc...


You do deserve it as will I when I am your age!

Love you!