Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A service project to give a child hope, one quilt at a time.

WOW! Thanks to everyone who wants to participate in Hope Squared! I want to do the Happy Dance!

Nov. 18th for donations
Dec. 1st for completed quilts

IF YOU ARE COMPLETING A QUILT - Here are more details, or should I say suggestions.

We have decided to narrow it down to crib size quilts! This is a good size for a child and makes the measuring easy.

This size quilt requires 1 2/3 fabric or 60" long and 42 wide. A solid piece for the back.

For the front it is additional 1 2/3 fabric or 60" long and 42 wide, cut in squares.

It can be made from scrapes or coordinating fabrics. Anything goes!

Suggestions for square size - 8x8 which means 5 across and 7 long = 35 squares. This will give you 2 inches extra on width and 4 inches extra on length. Good to bind the quilt.

Or 6x6 which means 7 across and 1o long = 70 squares. This is exact and you can sew the front to the back and turn inside out, and save the step of binding. However, with this, be careful of the selvage. It sometimes has white or printing on it.

The batting should be thin, and it comes in crib size - 60 x 45. Or you can purchase in from a roll.

HOWEVER, now I told you what we are doing, you can make any size you want!


1. finished quilts
2. fabric - any amount
3. 1 2/3 fabric for the back
4. batting
5. money
6. People to sew squares
7. Picture of you (emailed to me) You might be in the Weber State Signpost! Jake is on a committee for Weber State University, the purple pack, and they are participating in this service project. They will be cutting squares of fabric for the quilts. Weber State wants to see how the community and the University are working together.
8. If you know of a specific need, let us know and we will consider it when deciding where to place these quilts!

We are donating these quilts locally in Ogden city. I have made many calls and I am shocked how much need there is for these quilts. TEAR TEAR! We will let you know where they are going, and if you have any suggestions please share with us!

Please email me to let me know what you will be donating, and I will email you to tell where to bring the donations. Any Questions?

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Paige said...

yay! This is such a great idea. I can't wait for this weekend so I can finish my quilt...or at least try!