Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day of rest & Fun!

On Sunday we went to church and then had a barbecue! Not only did we eat, we talked a lot and laughed a lot. The funniest thing of the day, was Spencer. We were saying a prayer on the food and he was driving his gator. He folded his arms and kept going. I am sure it was one of those things, you had to be there!
Cute little stinker, loves this gator!

Cooper wanted on and Spencer took off!

Spencer is either laughing hysterically at Cooper or fighting with him!

Lots of baseball!
Everyone took their turning pitching!

The bunny cage!

Paige & Cooper

Baby Baby Baby!

Not long now and Phil & Paige will be kissing the baby!

Maybe this was the funniest thing of the day!
Love ya Paige and next time we see you, it will be baby time!
It was a fun day and I LOVE my family!

1 comment:

Paige said...

haha those pics are hilarious! we're so silly. Phil will LOVE these pics. oh and the big mama one at the end. hehe nothing wrong with shaking it when you're eight months pregnant, right?

such a fun trip! so sad to be back to reality.