Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Before & After

I loved this bed before!

It has such detail,

and rollers for wheels!

After a lot of stressing about what color . . .

painting it blue . . .

not loving it . . .

changing my mind again . . .
a coat of white . . .

I should have listened to Erin, she told me to paint it white the first time!

We need a little girl in the family,

I don't want to sell this one.

a little bit of blue shows through

one of a kind for sure!

Jay sees me walk out the door with a can of spray paint,
and he isn't sure what I am going to paint next.
He thinks everything looks fine, until I am done painting,
and then he likes it.

He even got in the spirit of things . . .

look at what he painted!

Ha Ha!

I love it!

Welcome to our house!

We are now both crazy!


John and Aleesa said...

Everything you paint turns out so much cuter! I might need some tips once we get into our new house, I plan on refurbing a lot of furniture. :)

Paige said...

i say this everytime but I think I need this bed! :) For reals though. Put it in the babies room for you to sleep on while you visit. it's so cute! even if it is a little girly for a boys room. Love that dad is getting into the spirit of things. I think Phil is getting the itch too. He's been watching a show on the history chanel called pickers. these two guys go through peoples junk and refurbish the stuff and make lots of money! he said i should start doing it. haha

Ashley said...

I like the little bit of blue that shows through! You are awesome!

Angie in Wyo said...

Beautiful! I need some tips, too. Do you sand everything down to the wood before you paint it? Did you sell the red chest of drawers? The one with all the little drawers? It would be perfect in my bedroom!