Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good bones - bad bones!

Bad bones first!
Painting furniture is a hazardous business!
I stubbed my toe while carrying a piece of furniture. After a couple of days of excruciating pain, I thought I better go to the Dr.! I knew it wasn't broke - I could wiggly it and it didn't hurt. But to walk, I wanted to cry.
The Dr. looked at my foot and said, "You only have two of these, you better take care of them."
The same foot with the hurt toe, also has a big toe losing a toe nail.
3 months ago, I stubbed it while carrying furniture and it has taken this long to finally get better.
My other foot has a big bruise on top from dropping furniture on it!
More info than you wanted to hear?
Well, if you get queasy, pass over this part . . . .
He gave me a cortisone shot in between my toes to relieve the pressure of a pressed nerve.
I think . . . after he said shot in between toes, I didn't hear much else.
It feels so much better!!!!!
Now on to the good bones!
This bench has good bones, just needed a little shot to make it better!
A shot of paint and fabric!I bought this a while ago and couldn't wait to use it!

A fresh coat of paint. . . .
A little distressing. . . .
some new fabric. . . .
some poly protection. . . .

It feels so much better!

This new baby is going to live at Morgans house!

Paige and Phil are having a baby.
Sometime soon.

Besides getting my bag ready to make the 10 hr. drive.
I am also packing this shelf.
Paige wants to see if it works in her nursery!

Kinda cute!
With some baskets or books, or a sock monkey or two!

I have been so busy painting furniture,
I forgot to stop and smell the roses,
or in this case notice the flowers.


Paige said...

a shot between the toes? OUCH!!! I hate shots but that just sounds like the worst place ever to get a shot. But I'm happy to hear it's feeling better. :) Love the bench and the shelf. Can't wait to see what it looks like in the nursery! Less than 3 weeks! ahhhh

Angie in Wyo said...

Sorry to hear about your toe! I broke my big toe a couple of years ago, it was painful! Cute bench and shelf!

Anna said...

love that fabric you used on the bench. That shelf will be perfect for toys etc in a nursery