Monday, June 7, 2010


We love were we live, we hate that when Jay has 4 days off, we work the whole time.
Well almost - I went to Salt Lake with Morgan one day!
cleaning the rain gutters.

In case he fell off, I wanted one last picture.

The big yard and all the work is worth it, when the kids and grand kids come.
Cooper loves the tractor!

Spencer, wasn't so sure. He is a sensitive little thing, and the loud noise, sent him running for his mom.

Cooper had a water gun, that he was getting us all wet with.

But Grandpa, had a better water gun - the sprinklers!

He turned them on, and it sent Cooper sprinting!

Having fun!

Watching Grandpa fixing the sprinklers and watching him get soaked!
They got a little bored after 2 seconds of watching, and wanted some more action.
Spencer was defenseless, when Cooper went after him.

Cooper better watch out, one day soon, Spencer will get even!
It really is heaven, after a hard days work!
When the sun is going down, and it is beautiful and peaceful!
And you can jump on the tramp and watch your shadow!


Paige said...

haha that picture of spencer running from cooper is classic! that is how I will always remember those two. little stinks. That last picture on the trampoline is pretty dang cool! who needs a fancy camera to capture awesome memories? no one! I'm happy to hear dad didn't fall off of the roof. I'd like him to be around to take my little man on tractor rides.

p.s. pretend the willow tree isn't there in that first bare!!!!

Erin said...

Couple things.
-You got a good man on your hands. What would any of us do with out dad!
-I think I had perma-smile the entire time dad was running around with the kids in the spinklers and the tractor rides. They are loved and I love that!
-I think you qualify as one of the worlds best grandma's. Really, I am very lucky. Everyone SHOULD be jealous :)

Love ya!

Chelle said...

Cute post! I love your giant yard! Who needs a park when you've got tons of grass as far as you can see to run and play on! That's one thing Joey and I aren't willing to sacrifice as we're looking for houses. Gotta have a huge yard! TONS of work, but like you said, Heaven after a hard days work!