Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Too Cute! (This one is for Paige)

I was babysitting these two little stinkers and they were loving the weather and the leaves !

Spencer is taking a break! Ha Ha, too cute!


Morgan Greaves said...

ahhahahahahaha!!!! he is so stinkin cute!!

Erin said...

Oh gosh. Those are some cute stinkers. Only at grandmas can they look like rag-a-muffins :) Mom thanks for helping me to remeber the little things like letting them get dirty so they can play in the leaves! They are very lucky little boys!

PS. Was that pudding # 1,2 or 3?! Be honest :)

Paige said...

they look so happy. there's nothing wrong with getting dirty when you're a kid. it's what makes childhood great! lucky little buggers, they have too many people that love them. Thanks mom for posting this.

angie said...

Cute pictures! I agree those are some cute little boys you've got there.