Friday, November 20, 2009

M&Ms, a sewing project and a pattern!

Another fun get together with the M&Ms. Missionary Moms - and yes the missionaries are all home and we are still friends. We were going to cut quilt squares for Hope Squared, but instead we WORKED really hard at visiting!
A realtor walking through our house, made fun of my pull down ironing board. He said, " I bet this gets used a lot." and he laughed. Little does he know - it gets used everyday! It is an odd size and I couldn't find a ironing board cover to fit. The one I made is cuter anyway!

I am seeing a pattern in my behavior - I take pictures of the sky, the trees, the flowers and the mountains a lot! I must like them!

This is what I look at every day! Ben Lomond
P.S. Today I am going in for the dreaded colonoscopie! Nothing is wrong, it is just when you turn 50, they recommend you have one! Well the day Jay turned 50, he made an appointment. Me, I am 53, it took me 3 years to decide I really could do this! Wish me Luck! Oh, and I have had a lot of crappy jokes!


Erin said...

What a good looking group of mama's! That is SO fun that you get together with them. Every women needs a little girl time!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ironing bored cover. You WILL be making one for me (just so ya know!)

And you have had alot of "crappy" joke...literally!

Good luck today! Call me when you got home :)

Erin said...

bored = board :)

Paige said...

you're lucky to have such a cute group of ladies to be friends with! Everyone needs a little (or alot) of girl time. :)

LOVE the ironing board cover. Did you just make up the pattern? good job!

good luck today!

Ashley said...

Hope it went okay!