Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting Ready - Kinda!

I went to the DI to drop off A LOT of things we aren't needing anymore! I took a quick walk through and did not leave empty handed. I bought a cake pan to add to my growing collection!
It was a $1.00!!!

I also bought this dresser- changing table! I should be cleaning and cooking to get ready for the big day, but instead I am painting! It is all done, but needs some cute glass knobs!
Had a request for the color - it is Behr paint from Home Depot - Palace Rose, interior flat. The stain I put on it is Miniwax special Walnut 224.

Don't you love to put olives on your fingers and eat them? Spencer sure does!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! (I have a lot to be grateful for)


lacey said...

You are a deal finder! That dresser is SO cute. I need to find something cute like that for my girls room! You always pick the cutest colors! Miss Crafty ;)

Erin said...

Love the cake pan!

Love the pink thing (keep it for me in hopes that one day I have a girl!)

Love little Spencer and his cubby, olive fingers. This is a cute picture. I am stealing it!


Morgan Greaves said...

I love Spencer...have lots of olives for all our hands!!! Cute changing table. Build a shop. I will be there everyday. Go to Lindsay's parents and see theirs. It's not big, but it has everything you would ever need!