Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Because!

You know I had 3 girls, before Jake was born. We were a very girly house, and thennnnn, the girls left! Now I am out numbered for the first time in my life and I am adjusting to a very boy house! I am getting used to ESPN on all the time, and rough housing. Jay and Jake like to push each other around, having fun, until someone gets mad. What is really weird, in 2 seconds they are over it! Not like girls!

It used to be 4 girls and 2 boys!
Now it is 4 girls and 6 boys! We added 2 son-in-laws (the best) and 2 grandsons (the best)

It is a good thing, Jay & Jake are so nice to me, or I might cry !


Paige said...

whoa, when did we get so outnumbered? We still rule though. :) Jake's a good kid. You couldn't ask for a better son who treats you so great. lucky lady.

Erin said...

Mom, I am out numbered at my house too! That is why I better have a girl one day...I need someone on my side!

Ditto to what Paige said! Plus Jake is HOT! Ladies beware!!

Kaija said...

Good lookin' genes in that family of yours...tell him to be attracted to Indian girls! Ha!Melanie I miss seeing you! When student teaching is over guess what time it is....apron time!

Crystal said...

HA! You should just cry for the fun of it and see what kind of gift you get later ;) GIRLS RULE!

Veronica said...

We do love our sons, don't we. My big tall son makes me tear up with love whenever I see him. Glad the two men in your house are treating you great.