Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was shopping at Wangsgards, picking up last minute things for Bear Lake. I passed these strawberries, and they were calling my name. Not only did they look delish - they were .79 cents a pack. I was already worn out from getting everything ready to leave town for a week, so I passed them by, and said NO strawberries I don't want you. I was in the checkout line and I could see them from where I was. I left the line and picked up a case! I went home and stayed up late and made frozen Strawberry jam. It was so EASY - I was just a little crazy, cranky doing it.

I am so HAPPY I did it, it was worth the pain.


Morgan Greaves said...

mmmmm...I want some :)

MicheLLe said...

You have a blog!!! I love the table in the second picture.....I have an identical one waiting for me to paint it!! I just need to get my butt in gear and get it going. The weather is changing so fast and soon I'll forced to do all my painting in the house if I don;t hurry it up! Are you up for the Scraps boutique this fall? I'd love to share a booth again!