Saturday, July 25, 2009

Go Green - or red or turquoise or black!

I love color! I love paint! I love old furniture!

There is nothing like a piece of old furniture. Solid wood with unique character.

For a while, I painted everything that wasn't nailed down. I knew I was not living a balanced life, when I was sitting in Sacrament and I wondered what the beautiful wood podium would look like painted.

Every piece of furniture turns out different and that is the FUN of it. Here are a couple pieces waiting to be painted!! One from Deseret Industries and one Paige bought off KSL. I can't decide what color, but I have bought turquoise and pink and cream. A couple of years ago, I was shopping with Paige at Forever 21 in SLC, and I fell in love with turquoise. The dressing rooms had black trim, turquoise doors and chandeliers.

Here are some pillows from Pier 1, that Paige is going to decorate with in her new apartment!! I love the turquoise!!!!

I am itching to get painting, but will have to wait, because Erin and Paige are moving. As much as I love to paint - I love spending time with them more.

I haven't been good at taking pictures of things I have sold, but here are a few I have kept.

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Paige said...

I want to pain my turquoise so it matches my cute new pillows! so fun. You are so talented.