Wednesday, July 22, 2009

American Idol

I don't watch to much T.V. anymore, but I am a FAN of American Idol. I look forward each week to see the contestants perform. Morgan went to the American Idol concert tour last year, and said it was the best ever. So I had her buy Jay and I tickets when they went on sale. To bad Jay wasn't feeling well the day of the concert. Lucky that Paige got to go with us!! I Love Adams voice, he is amazing, so talented. He did not disappoint when he sang Mad Love!!!! No longer a fan after seeing him perform another song. I felt like I was in a strip club! Sometimes Jake dances around like Adam did, being crazy and just kidding. Adam was not kidding! I wonder what Simon would have said about his performance.

I LOVE KRIS!!!!!! Hope to see him succeed!!!!

The best part of the whole night, good company!!!!

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Paige said...

Adam really was so gross when he performed. Too bad because he's so talented! Thanks for letting me go. I had alot of fun! :)