Saturday, July 24, 2010


We were in the grocery store with Derek, Erin and the kids!

My son-in-law pointed out this - Funky Face disguises - next to the 25 cent gumball machines.

I thought who would buy this

Seriously. . .


One black mustach
One blond mustach
One set of eyebrows for

Oh Heavens, we were laughing so hard.

Spencer wasn't loving it, because when you pulled them off, it hurt, like when you get your face waxed!

We laughed even harder!

and Jay thought I was wasting my money!

2 people we knew walked in, while we were doing this!


Paige said...

oh my heavens...this is hilarious!! i love you guys. You always know how to have fun wherever you go. Will you please come back to moscow? I am missing everyone like crazy!

p.s. I think the dark stach suits you well. :)

Erin said...

Throughout the day today I was thinking about this and would start laughing!! SOOOO freaking funny! The funniest is that dad walked around the store like this while acting like nothing was up when he saw the Patriarch's wife!!! Oh my goodness...I needed a good laugh today!! Still laughing :)

Love it!!

Kaija said...

you guys are SO funny! I love it! The best part is when you ran into people you knew! ha ha!

Jan said...

Ah Melanie!

You are still the same after all this time!

I am so glad you are still so silly and have fun.

I know the boys love having a playful grandma and will never forget fun times like these.

Thanks for sharing, your pictures sure do make me smile!