Thursday, July 1, 2010

Before & After! Turquoise bed

This twin bed was found on one of my many excursions to the local D.I.!
I Love the tall posts!
It also had a small 3 drawer dresser that matched.
The dresser had a Basset tag inside a drawer,
along with some gum!
I left the tag, removed the gum.
The worst part of revamping furniture for me is the cleaning before you paint.
I thought this lovely bed needed some interesting paint to fit its uniqueness!

Ta DA!

I loved this paint so much, and it looks great on the dresser!

The paint was really bright, until I put a coat of Jacobean min- wax stain on it.
I added a couple of glass knobs to dress it up a little and
I am thinking gorgeous!

I have been working on this beautiful table.
I am stripping the top to stain and keep it natural
and then I will paint the bottom.

I found a killer deal on these parsons chairs!
$25.00 a piece off KSL classified ads, and there are 6!
Z gallerie has some slip covers that are fun & beautiful!
check them out here!


Cathy said... That turquoise is beautiful! Amazing job.

Paige said...

LOVE the bed and dresser. I WANT it! If you want to bring it to sleep on when you come i'd be okay with that. :) you're so talented.

OH and that table...i CANT wait to see how that turns out. I can see that with some different funky chairs around it. what color are you going to paint it?

John and Aleesa said...

The turquoise color is awesome! I love it!!! I think I need to have a look through your little warehouse, my house would like more furniture. :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that dresser is adorable! you did a fantastic job on it- the distressing and finish look great!

Kaija said...

Studio 5 and Good Things Utah, here YOU come! You are uh-mazing! Who knew one lady could have ALL the talents!!

Erin said...

Mom, the only thing you will be doing to that table is helping me finish it! You know I really want this one :) Now if I could only find some chairs to go with it..OH WAIT...You have a million I can chose from huh?! I will be right over!

Katie said...

WOW, love the color on the bed and dresser!! Beautiful. And thanks for sharing the link to the slip covers, I've been searching everywhere for some!

Carly said...

Miss Melanie...

So glad I found your cute blog! You and I share a passion. I've got a list of furniture waiting to be refinished. I want to come to your house and get inspired on what I might do with my treasures. We should get together and go to DI, because I hear you like that place as much (or even more if that is possible) as I do.

Ethan Smith said...

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