Friday, July 2, 2010

Mr. Harding

We went to stake out our place for the 4th of July parade!
(we never made it to the parade! We thought Paige was going to have her baby - so we drove 10 hours, and arrived at her house at 1:00 am)

The lame parade we LOVE!

We saw our neighbor, Mr. Harding riding this bike!

Love at first sight!

He is selling this one for $125.00!

We stopped and talked to Mr. Harding.

You see he has a sling.

He was helping another neighbor, which you will find him doing often,

and he tore his rotator cuff.

Yes, he had surgery and it is his right arm.

He is frustrated by the lack of use of this arm.

Mr. Harding lost his wife, and it was a loss!

He keeps busy restoring bikes . . .

He loves it!

I understand, because of the furniture thing!

He is a salt of the earth, handy man -

you know the kind!

Mr. Harding has a collection and now he wants to move them out, to make room for more!

If you are interested, email me at and I will give you more info,

but not until I go pick the ones I want for my two sweet, beautiful grand kids to ride down our enormous driveway!

You see, most of them are $15.00!!!!!

Highway robbery!
He isn't making any money, He has at least $15.00 or more in supplies

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Morgan Greaves said...

I want one! How fun to all go ride when we are at your house!