Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where did he come from?

He hasn't drank pop for 10 years! (not one) He has now given up treats! (one week) He goes to the gym everyday! He didn't watch the final Bachelor, even though he loves it! (He is trying to do better things with his time) He now says, He is going to the Temple once a week!

I drink a diet pepsi everyday! I Love treats! I have two gym memberships, Lady Fitness and Golds! (don't use either one of them) Nothing was going to interfere with the final Bachelor! (no phones calls etc.) I thought I was doing good going to the Temple once a month!

Sheezzzz!!!! How do I feel? Thanks Jake!

P.S. Are you my son?


Paige said...

yup, jake, dad, and morgan are strange creatures that I don't understand. I'm happy I have you and Erin to get chubby with and to talk about trashy t.v. to. :)

Jake is a special boy. We're lucky to have him.

Angie in Wyo said...

What a good kid! He must have amazing parents. Some young lady will be very lucky to have him for a hubby. Hmmmm, I have a friend.....

Erin said...

haha...nice comment paige....funny thing is I have to agree! i never have flet gulity when I eat a cookie or want to stop and get a corn dog from the gas station when I am with mom and you.

jake is a stud mom. be proud of his weirdness :)