Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Erin!!!


Today is Erin's birthday! She is 28! Wow, how fast the time has gone. Erin is a sweetheart, and has brought lots of Joy and Laughter to our family. She is one funny girl!

E - Exceptionally talented! Anything she does, she does well! (cook, decorate, photography, dance, etc.)
R - Remarkable Mother! Respectful of others feelings.
I - Incredible character & Integrity
N - Nice - Very! And nice hair! Neat - she likes a clean house!

A few adjectives can't really describe Erin - If you know her, you LOVE her!

Proud to have you as my daughter - I love you!


Erin said...

Your sweet mom. Just what I needed to hear :) It is a special day for you too since you are my mom!! 28 years ago you gave birth to you favorite child. What a special day :)

Love you!

Paige said...

Erin, i'm only 24. ya know, her favorite child? :)

I love these posts! so true about erin.

John and Aleesa said...

Erin really is so sweet and talented. I hope she had a great birthday! Can I just say that I love your family? :)