Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December Fun (part 1) Candy Making!

I know it has been a while since I blogged. Been busy, plus Jay wrecked our car, I lost my cell phone and the Internet has been slowwwww! The car is fixed, I have my cell phone back, and the Internet - well, not so good!

Grandma Doris is an amazing cook! No matter what she makes is delicious! We decided to have her show us her tricks to candy making! Carmels, Toffee and Fantasy Fudge. It was a very fun day and only in our dreams, will we be able to cook like Grandma!

Crazy girls after an afternoon of baking and tasting the treats! Pregnant Paige was having a good day! She wasn't hanging her head over the toilet, throwing up!

We overloaded on treats in December, sure would taste good now!

Learning the tricks! Erin has some of Granny's skills in cooking! She didn't learn anything from me!
Feel the Love!
Is there really a way to measure to make it perfect? Yes - you pack it down!

You have to stir for a LONG time - Patience is needed to make the caramels perfect!
I will be posting the recipes to What's Cooking Goodlooking! argh - the internet!


Paige said...

That was a fun day! So glad I was feeling better than the night before. :) I would have been sad to miss this.

Granny really is a great cook! we have alot to learn from her. We should make this a tradition.

Kaija said...

WHEN CAN I SEE YOU? I MISS YA! and I still have a little Christmas fun for ya!

Veronica said...

It was nice to catch up with your family by reading your blog. I haven't been blog stalking since November, so I am behind. I am very happy for Paige and Phil. I had a good visit with Morgan. Love that girl. Your red berry blog showed your amazing decorating skills. You have so MANY talents! Hope you are well.