Saturday, January 30, 2010


I know it is the end of January, and Christmas 2009 is long gone for most people, but not me. I just put my Christmas tree away, and exchanged a few things yesterday. Today I am going to blog about our December fun and then move on to the New Year! I am a little behind because Jay and I went on a cruise, our FIRST and hope not our last! BRRR it's cold in Utah!
Who looks like this at 79 - soon to be 80? Christmas Eve Day at Granny's!

Yes these are out of order, but no time to care. It is such a cute picture of Bill & Doris! We went to breakfast one morning after Christmas!

Christmas Day! Why did we buy Spencer presents? He liked the bubble wrap and Jake's snowboarding helmet and goggles! I swear he is the FUNNIEST boy alive! We laugh at him all day long!

A cute picture of Paige snuggling up to her Grandpa!

Always a funny picture of Jake! Last year swim goggles this year a snuggie!

Christmas morning and breakfast! Jay is our breakfast maker, always has been, always will be!

Erin being fun as she always is! She picked out this present and was faking surprise. What a sweetheart!
Two cuties! Soon to be roommates! Morgan bought a house (VERY CUTE) and is moved in - Kinda - no couch, no kitchen table, a T.V., but not hooked up yet. She has a bed and a washer and dryer. If Jake can get over a bad virus he has, he will be moving in with her!

Paige & Phil, soon to be parents! Starting their collection of movies. From now on, everything they do and buy will be for the kids! If you agree, say AMEN!

Just hanging out on Christmas Eve Day, waiting for a great dinner and gifts!

The only picture of all of us, (except me)! And it is a BADDDDDD one!

Cooper at his preschool program! This is what makes Christmas fun!

Erin, Derek and Spencer at Coopers preschool program! So cute and such good parents! They had a rough December with lots of sickness!
That's it, all condensed into a few pictures. We had a wonderful time with family and friends, and are grateful for them. We have a great life and many blessings! I am grateful for the reason for the season - The birth of Jesus! I hope to keep him a part of my life, every minute of every hour!

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Erin said...

Mom, can I just say i LOVE that you have a blog. That forgot to mention you spoilied EVERY SINGLE on of us on Christmas. You and dad are the best and are VERY thoughtful. Love ya Mama Melanie :)