Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today this little boy turns 5! What a joy he has been to our family!

Cooper is:

C - CUTE, creative, curious, candy lover!
O - Outstanding, outrageous, ornery when he doesn't have a nap!
O - Observant, obsesessed with jets!
P - popular, playful, precious to us!
E - energetic, extraordinary, entertaining!
R - remarkable, rambunctious most of the time!

Happy Birthday Cooper!


Morgan Greaves said...

Happy Birthday little stud...we just adore you!!!

Paige said...

this makes me sad i missed it. that's okay. he sure is a little cutie pie. and i love erin's tree. she must have gone ornament shopping.

Erin said...

Mom, he really is the cutest little stink! I want to cry that he is 5!! Where has time gone?!

Cute little post :)

Paige, I did got ornament shopping...Yipee!