Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Party! Party! Party!

I was wondering if we could spread the Christmas parties through out the year? I am not ungrateful for the Great opportunities to get together and enjoy each others company, but how much can a girl eat?

Ward Party! This was at my home ward. Lasagna dinner and Mac & cheese for the kids, someone was thinking on that one!

I don't have a picture of my singles ward party, it was at the Spaghetti Factory! Yum!

Rickenbakers at the Ogden Airport! I would give this 5 stars! I had the best chicken pasta! Loved it! Crave it!

The whole group!

The Missionary Moms! Ha Ha - The boys are all home, so we decided to treat them to a dinner with us! The boys think it is kinda weird we are friends! I think they think we talk about them .

No, we have other really important stuff to talk about!

Yes, they are cute boys and GOOD friends! The second one from the left is visiting Mitch from Russia! The best part of the whole night was when they said Happy Birthday to Miriam in the language they spoke on their missions! It was also finals week, and all them were a little stressed! We missed Chris and his parents, he had 3 finals the next morning!

This is the mild crazy picture of them!

Before we went to the Christmas Concert of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, we ate the Roof! The buffet is the best, and yes we started with the deserts!

We still have a few more parties, and I am rolling myself to them! No wonder every ones New Years Resolution is to Diet!


Paige said...

someone has been shopping! all your outfits are super cute! I especially LOVE the purple dress. I need it. :) You have been partying like a crazy woman! How fun! I haven't done a thing so I'm glad someone is enjoying the holidays enough for the both of us. :) It's not fair that one group of boys could be so good looking. But then again look at the good looking mommas!

p.s. two days until we see you! yippee!!!!

Kaija said...

Wow you HAVE been partying! I also love that purple dress! Darling! I miss seeing all your cute clothes! Who is going to teach me style now?! and as single as they old are those returned missionaries ..:) Glad I got to talk to ya the other day....been too long!