Thursday, December 10, 2009

Red Berries and Bulbs!

I have a problem! I love red berries! I have way to many Christmas things that are made of red berries! When I am in a store - I am drawn to them and have to make myself not buy any more! I have posted a few, not all of the them, but you'll get the idea!

Bad picture, I know, but yes there are red berry wreaths hanging on my windows!

Wrapped around by candles!

Hanging on my wall, and sitting on my table!

Hanging on my chairs!
I decided to branch out a little and use something other than red berries. Bulbs!
I bought this stryofoam tree from JoAnns with my 40% off coupon and the shatter proof blulbs at Hobby Lobby for $5.00. I already had the gold paint, and the glitter paint. I hot glued them on and I love it! It is not red and it is not berries!
Yes, I have another wreath, with red berries on the fireplace!

This picture is here, because I don't know how to delete it, without deleting the whole post!
Ha Ha - Erin will help me later!


Paige said...

ooohhhh, the tree turned out CUTE! I've decided I need to start getting some Christmas decorations. We have very few. And I want to finish my tree. I need a topper, some "berries" to add as filler, a tree skirt, and maybe some ribbon to add a little pazazz. A girl can wish, right? I can't wait to come see all your decorations in person. 1 week!

Erin said...

Berries, berries, berries...OH MY! Your house looks FREAKIN' awesome! I love that it feel so Christmas-ie! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It should be in a magazine.

...And yes. I am mad that you did not invite me over to make your "bulb tree!" Since I know you made me one...I would like it delivered...umm, today! Thanks.

oops! said...

Ha Ha Ha! It is in a magazine! Country Living, Better Homes & Garden, Good Houskeeping! It's just not my house! That is where I steall all my ideas! You know I am a copy cat! Funny story about Dad - He was getting the car washed and picked up a copy of Country Living while he was waiting. He came home and said," I saw where you get your ideas! The color of paint and decorations! He thought I did it all on my own! Nope!

Morgan Greaves said...

Hey...that's my snowman :)

Crystal said...

Eureka! You're a genius! (I don't think you can have enough red berries)

Kaija said...

you totally know how to decorate! You need your own show! Someday when I get married, have a house, and money to hiring YOU! Next week can we go to lunch or something?

Erin said...

Yo Mama...Time for an update :)

Ashley said...

I agree with Erin your house should be in a magazine! I love Country Living Magazine too, so does my mom and so did Grandma!