Sunday, August 2, 2009


My teddy bear of a brother Mike is a Vietnam War Vet. When he was 19 he lived in a small farming community of Grace Idaho. As he says it "When I was drafted all I knew was spuds & taters and a couple of weeks later someone was trying to kill me."

He doesn't have to much to say about the war, but his wife Kay says, "He doesn't care much for the 4th of July, because all the noise from the fireworks gives him flashbacks."

Shame on us America, for treating these young men so poorly who had served in a war that they had no choice. They didn't volunteer, they were drafted.

My brother Mike is not bitter, but instead He is going to Say Thanks one quilt at a time. Yes, I said, "ONE QUILT AT A TIME!"

He has quilted for years, and He is very good at it! Not like me, where I put two pieces of fabric together and tie it.

I had the opportunity this weekend to witness a touching moment!!!!!!!!!

Mike lives in Bear Lake for the summer and is the Marshal at the golf course, While working there he met another retired gentleman who lives on the Golf course and mows the fairways for the same reason Mike works there - free golf.
They became acquainted and Mike found he too was a Vietnam Vet.

Well Raspberry Days was going on this weekend and Mike knew this new friend was going to be there. He went to find him and my sister Chris and I tagged along, grateful I had my camera in tow.

When we found him, he was enjoying the shade, and watching his grand kids. Mike approached him, and he stood to say Hi and Mike said "Has anyone ever told you Thanks for serving in the Vietnam War." The response - "NO." Mike shook his hand, said Thanks and handed him a Flag quilt he had made. This man was speechless and the tears came, for Mike and me and Chris. I took a picture and we left.

The only words from Mike were number 59!!!!! I said WHAT? He has given 59 quilts away to Vietnam Vets!

Later in the day, this mans wife found Mike. Gave him a hug and said, That was the nicest thing anyone had ever done! She said her husband couldn't show anyone the quilt yet, and tell what had happened, because he was so emotional, he couldn't talk about it.

WOW!!! I am still so touched by this. Mike has quietly, one quilt at a time made a difference in someones life! He has not recorded any of this, because he doesn't think he needs to and this picture is the first taken of 59 given!!!

Let me tell you about Mike - He loves this precious land we live in! Are we not so lucky to be living in the land of the free, with lives given to make it so.

Mike and Kay pick up garbage off Bear lake beach, They clean the highways, they belong to the Rotary club. These are just a few of the many things they do. Are we taking care of AMERICA?

INSPIRATIONAL! I love my brother Mike. He is the best example to me, I want to be a better person because of Him.

So PASS IT ON!!! First of all, lets take care of our AMERICA!!!! Second, find a way to be a better person by doing for another. Our gifts are different than Mikes, but we have them, use them to make a difference - One person at a time!!!


The last quilt is mine! I am grateful to have this quilt Mike made, to remind me everytime I look at it to be a better person, like him!


Ashley said...

Uncle Mike is a big sweetie! I never knew about how much service that Aunt Kay and Uncle Mike did --they are great examples you are right!

angie said...

Mel, thanks for posting this. I never knew this about our sweet Uncle Mike.

He is an awesome guy. Your right we should all be more like him.