Monday, August 17, 2009

What Happy People Know!

Before I start my rant - I had to show you Spencer eating a popsicle, wearing an apron Jake made for me when he was in 7th grade! Derek, Erin, Cooper and Spencer have been living with us for two weeks! I woke up this morning to a quiet house, oh how I miss them. (They are only 15 minutes away) This picture makes me HAPPY!!!

The quarter -second was first discovered by neurosurgeon Benjamin Libet. Dr. Libet became interested in the lag time between when people get the urge to take action and when they actually take it. Therefore, he conducted a fascinating neurological experiment on patients undergoing certain brain surgeries, who were awake and alert. he asked them to move one of their fingers, while he electronically monitored their brain activity. That's when he found it- the life-changing quarter-second! There was a quarter second delay, he discovered, between the urge to move the finger, and its actual movement.

The significance of this is extraordinary.

One-quarter of a second may not sound like much time, but in the arena of thought, it's virtual eternity. It's more than enough time for you to choose to interpret perceptions differently.

This quarter-second is your ultimate power over perception. Most people don't use this power.


This means a quarter-second is enough time to realize a loud noise is not a bomb. that a stick in the grass isn't a snake, that a sarcastic remark wasn't intended to hurt you, or that slipping on a banana peel is funny instead of irritating.

In every moment of life, we have the option of being automatically reactive, or using the life-changing quarter-second to engage in choice!

HOLD ON THERE IS MORE - I am almost done!

A sterling example of this kind of Power came from the great Victor Frankl, the psychiatrist who survived a Nazi death camp. In the camp, Frankl found that he had absolutely no control-except for control over one aspect of his life that mattered most: his own perceptions. He became exquisitely capable of seeing past ANGER, DESPAIR, HATE, and FEAR, focusing instead on the life-affirming feelings that lie beneath the surface of EVERY situation.

When others saw only humiliation, Frankl saw the humility that made the humiliation bearable. When others saw only the horror of victims struggling to survive, Frankl saw the courage of victims struggling to survive.

Once, in the ugliness of the camp, Frankl found a flower growing in mud, and saw only the flower, and not the filth that nourished it.

Victor Frankle emerged from this living hell, as a better man, And a happier man.

I read the Hiding Place, and Corrie ten Boom was my Hero! I wanted to understand why she could be a survivor instead of a victim.

Then I read this book - What Happy People Know, written by Dan Baker Ph.D and Cameron Stauth, and I knew!

The quarter-second is our AGENCY to choose!

Grateful to know that I have this power!

HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!! You can choose this!!


angie said...

I read the Hiding Place and loved it too. I also read Night by, Elie Wiesel. He was in the Auswitchz concentration camp. Very good book. It was an Oprah book, but thats not why I read it. Though Mike teased me about it.

I will have to get What Happy People Know. Sounds interesting.
Thanks for you thoughts, always insightful.

Paige said...

great post! Maybe a good topic for my talk in've been inspired for me. :)