Monday, February 22, 2010


Not me! The people who give this furniture away are CRAZY! I guess someones junk is another persons treasure! I have been painting and painting! I love to see how each piece of furniture takes on new life!!! When I get them all done, I will show you! A couple of pieces are almost done and looking good!


Erin said...

You are the crazy D.I Lady! You are for sure keeping them in business!!

This is what I want:
-That bed for when I have a girl one day.
-I really want those end tables for my bedroom...I will trade you for the ones I have!
-and we can't forget the mirror.

My birthday is coming up and those would all be great gifts.

Just sayin'!

Ashley said...

When you do these posts it really makes me want a garage! I want to learn furniture restoring so bad! You really have an eye for good stuff Aunt Mel!

Paige said...

love it! wish I was there to help you! and was there for you to help me do my babies room. :) keep an eye out for cute stuff for me too!