Friday, September 18, 2009

Tired but HAPPY!

We had a water leak in our pantry and had some sheet rock repair. We took everything out, and the shelves looked really bad, so I painted them, not an easy or fun job - dreadful - painters earn their money! Then I had to put everything away!

I keep walking in to look how clean it is!

I have a lot of cute white dishes, mostly given as gifts by my daughters (thank you). I had them in boxes and did not use them often, because it was such a pain to get them out and put them away. I also had this green thing that I was going to get rid of. I am glad I didn't. I really want to paint it turquoise, but for right now, it will do!

Going to bed - Tired but HAPPY!


Erin said...

What is it about a clean space that makes us happy...are we weird?! It looks so good and functional! I bet you were so excited to wake up this morning just to look at it...I know I would be!

Can't wait to see your little hutch (green thing) painted!

Morgan Greaves said...

Oh much work but it looks so good. Now if all of us could learn how to keep it like this!!!!