Friday, September 11, 2009

Jake is 22!

I can not believe Jake is 22!

He is one of a kind! He was born to soften his Dads heart and take care of his Mom!

He seriously is the funniest boy alive, and no matter how hard I try to not laugh at him and encourage his craziness, I can not help it!

He loves his sisters and his friends! He is pleasant, happy and has been easy to raise!

He is disciplined, and that is not because of our parenting. He was the 4th child born, and he grew up on the go, he never had a routine, a regular nap or eating time. On his own, he disciplined himself in all things! School, church, sports, exercise etc.

He thinks Heaven is boating, listening to Jack Johnson. He wears a helmet (thank you very much) after too many times hitting his head, playing soccer, snow boarding and wake boarding.

He is a boy without Guile - I looked this up and it means without deception or craftiness - which is true when it comes to his character. He finds no fault with anyone - He sincerely likes everyone! A good example to us all. He however is the biggest tease on the earth, and he tricks me all the time and I still fall for it every time! Darn you!

He loves to shop and watch the Bachelorette - he will make for a good husband!


I love to hear him speak French and he will always be my baby! ( sorry Jake)


Erin said...

Jake is such a good boy! Who ever he marries is a lucky gal! You guys did a good job raising him (and us!) Happy Birthday Jake!

Paige said...

he really is a great kid. any girl would be lucky to marry him....only if they can put up with the helicopter! ha happy birthday jakey!