Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hiking in the Uintahs

Jay loves loves loves the outdoors.  Especially hiking and fishing.  So he talked me into going to the Uintahs with him.  I am always a little nervous, because he is like a mountain goat.  He likes to go off the trails, and straight up the mountain.  I reminded him I am a 55 year old Old woman not a mountain goat.

The night before we left, we had Sunday dinner, and Derek our son-in-law told us about Bear sightings.  The next morning we stopped at Wangsgards to get supplies ~ treats for me!
Our friend Phil who owns the store, told us about more bear sightings.  Jay reassured me in all his visits to the Uintahs, he had never seen a bear.  Was I nervous?  Very!
Well, 45 minutes into our hike, we stop for Jay to tie his shoe.  And we hear a growl, that echoed through the mountains.  I froze and so did Jay.  Then he growled again even louder.  I know what pure terror is now!  We didn't know where it was, and I thought I was going to be his lunch. After standing frozen for about 15 minutes, Jay started yelling and banging a stick.  Apparently, your suppose to do this to warn the bear your coming.  We continued our hike and every chance I got I banged a tree and yelled.  I had Jay's binoculars and I was sure I spotted a bear a million times.  It was usually a stump, a tree or just my imagination. 
We hiked into the primitive area and were the only ones on the mountain, with the bear!
It was a beautiful day, and the beauty of the area words cannot describe.
Crystal clear water and waterfalls!

In his element

Me - proof I was there!

We hiked down this waterfall to a lake.  I started to panic thinking to get out I was going to hike back up it, but there as a trail around it.  I told you Jay is a mountain goat - he would rather go down the waterfall than walk the trail.

Is was a fun, beautiful day even though we heard a bear.
Hiking out, I had to go to the bathroom, and I was terrified to go.  I thought a bear would get me.  I waited as long as I could, and kept asking how much longer.  Jay kept saying around the corner.  After 10 corners and no car, I finally went. I turned the corner and there was the car and a bathroom. 


Kaija said...

Oh my gosh! How scary to hear it growl! or whatever bears do! I miss you so much. Remember a year ago how we were going to hang out? I am off track for an entire month in Dec. we have to make time k! Love ya

Jimmy Shanley said...

Wow , this place is really spectacular !
I want to be here right now !