Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun Fun Fun!

So I have neglected every day life happenings!
How do I catch up? 

Jake had a birthday, and he wanted to go To Speed Street.
You race cars.

You have to sign a release form that says they are not responsible for injury or death.
Then you watch an video on the do's and dont's.

I started to get nervous, this was serious stuff, I thought it was suppose to be for FUN!

The birthday boy, Morgan and a guest, Heidi.

ready, set, go!

The Helmets! 

I am happy to report it was so Fun!  I sucked, but laughed the whole time!  You have 20 laps, and before I started, I didn't think that was very many, it's alot!  It was so fun, we went another 20 laps!

I couldn't move my arms for 3 days!  I gripped the steering wheel and used muscles I haven't used for a while to drive that baby!

I am happy that Jake had a birthday, so I could experience something new!

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